[BJD] Once upon a time

posted on 28 Sep 2011 21:06 by peppermint99
Long long time ago in the night of May.
The sky is so clear and I was look up in the sky... 
Many of the stars...shining their light to me...
It's so beautiful....
and suddenly!! one star was fallen.!!?
then I was wish upon a star that I want some star shining in house.
and next day I met some girl, No it isn't " Met " it's " found " perhep!
I found her in front of my house, at my backyard
So... The Story of Ella " The fallen star " was begin ....
ME : Who's she? a Little girl that wear a wonderful Hat?
and Why she is standing on my flower pot
Ella   : Hi!  Madame, My name's Estrellas . Nice to meet you.
Me   :  Estrellas ? Such a wonderful name!  Wait!!?
          Estrellas , it's mean " STAR " in spanish isn't it? that's right?
Ella   :  Yes! OF cause Madame... It's mean " Star " in spanish because " I'm a Star "
Me  : Ha? Hmm ...If you are the star, Why are you doing here a little Star?
        Do you come here alone?

Ella   : Arr...I  I'm ...I don't know madame! last night I was shining and glowing so bright.but
          Suddenly I was fallen and I was here and... and  I was lose. I think.
          and, I can't remember how can have I been here.
          Kind of...someone kicking me from the sky and I waiting for someone. Maybe you?
Me    :  Hmm...Really? Oh! A little Poor  " Star! " Oh I mean " Girl "
           It's because of me wishing upon the fallen star to have one shinning star like you!!!
          That's why you are " fallen " from thr sky,
Ella : Oh! That's right !! So.. you are my " mama "
InSide my house ... I'm let's her change all a strange clothes and ask her to wear my dress ...
Me : Oh! Estrellas!! You look so gorgeous!
Estrellas : Thank you! Mama,
Estrellas : May I call you " Mama"? it's ok for you?
                When I was a star,I always look down on the earth,
                I always found a wonderful family...every child have their own mom..
                but I never have mother. Can you be my " Mom "
Me : Oh! Estrellas.... come on .. from Now on you are My daugther!!!
       My Ella!! Can I call you Ella? it's that ok for you?
Ella : Oh! Mom! I love you !


Me : I love you to My dear Ella!
Ella : Nice to meet you Everyone!!!!!

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